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Always visible scrollbar - no content jumping | read more.. CSS
Solution from: unknown Created by tlw on 05.02.2023 @ 18:37

html {overflow-y: scroll !important;}

Space in Url and JavaScript trim and replace function | read more.. JavaScript
Solution from: Created by tlw on 05.02.2023 @ 18:37

Replacing all spaces in URL to %20

The best font size to use in website design | read more.. HTML
Article from: Created on 05.02.2023 @ 18:37

Because of the wide range of settings and equipment that people might be using to access the World Wide web, there is no “best font size“. Font sizes should be specified using relative units like percentage or EM, (in external CSS files) since these will allow the user to adjust font sizes up or down to suit their own requirements. Avoid using graphics of text, as this locks the text size, and makes it impossible for users to change it.

Changing root folder through htaccess | read more.. Unsorted
Solution from: unknown Created by tlw on 05.02.2023 @ 18:37

When You need to change the root folder of the website transparently with no touching actual scripts, then this one would help.

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