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Save data/variable on screen rotation or other activity re-creation | read more.. Android
Source code from: unknown Created by tlw on 27.09.2023 @ 07:49

Sometimes we need to save some data when the activity is re-created.

File upload application using a FileReference API | read more.. Unsorted
Article from: Created by tlw on 27.09.2023 @ 07:49

One of the largest demands from the Flash development community was a file system that could be used for file upload and downloading. A lot of the users/developers were hoping Macromedia can implement a new function/object in Flash 8 regarding to this issue. When Macromedia developed Flash 8, they incorporated the fileReference Object, which allows the SWF file access the user's machine and thus able to perform the file upload and download operation.

Submit a form using POST method through PHP | read more.. PHP
Solution from: unknown Created on 27.09.2023 @ 07:49

To submit a form using POST method through PHP, just add the data to be posted as header. This essentially saves one extra html page sent to the browser when user has to be redirected. Mostly found this technique useful for redirecting to payment gateways.

format number | read more.. PHP
Source code from: Created on 27.09.2023 @ 07:49

sprintf(_("%.2fMB"), $info->Size / (1024 * 1024));

HTML URL Encoding Reference | read more.. HTML
Article from: Created on 27.09.2023 @ 07:49

URL encoding converts characters into a format that can be safely transmitted over the Internet.

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